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State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Management

Governments often leverage a SOE to accomplish strategic goals that can't be easily completed by the public sector.  This process requires the government and the SOE to have strategic alignment and a funding model in order to ensure success.


AJC Solutions provides organizational assessments that help to align the strategic goals of a SOE and their local governments.  These shared goals then can be utilized to create partnership opportunities, allocate financial and human capital, realign organizational performance measures and establish sustainable funding models.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy

Governments struggle to finance strategies that keep up with technological advances.  Simultaneously, residents and businesses have high expectations for digital access and communication technology services.

AJC Solutions provides asset inventory services, regulatory review and optimization analysis for municipal technology, exclusively for fiber optic and cellular infrastructure. We identify revenue potential through asset audits and create technology investment strategies.  The result is a Municipal Technology Strategy that allow cities to leverage their municipal technology assets to create a sustainable funding model that provides optimal service delivery solutions. 

Open Data Strategy

Governments look to data to reveal issues and help find solutions.  With so much data available, how can governments be certain they are using legitimate information to inform decision makers or even make their own decisions? 

AJC Solutions understands these dynamics and can help governments develop high-level structures and data governance models to foster better decision making and improve service delivery to citizens.

Smart Region Strategy

Governments should recognize technological advancements around transportation and data enabled infrastructure will dramatically disrupt the status quo of current local government planning processes. 


AJC Solutions provides a comprehensive comparison of smart city policies based upon proven best practices. We incorporate organizational strategic priorities and identify deficiencies in both administrative policies and capital investment plans.  The result is a Smart City Policy Recommendation that provides an implementation framework that empower cities to become smart and sustainable.

Regional Public Policy Strategy

Governments face a myriad of challenges when providing public services. Scarce resources, regional competition and lack of unified policy vision can have a devastating impact on the long term success of a community.

AJC Solutions has experience engaging community stakeholders to identify and prioritize public policy agendas in the areas of transportation, regionalism, sustainability and digital infrastructure. 

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