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Christ the Redeemer

Investment Promotion

Partnering with key stakeholders to identify community competitive advantages that will be used to develop strategies that showcase industry specific capital investment targets and to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that attracts tourism opportunities.

Private Sector Engagement

Collaborating with government and the private sector to evaluate existing regulations by applying the voice of the customer and nudge strategies that will simplify administrative procedures, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance integrity of regulatory regime.

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Business Meeting

Sustainable Planning

Engaging with government, civil society and private sector stakeholders to identify and implement environmentally sustainable Urban Land Use Plans,  Economic Development Policies, Residential Growth Strategies and Infrastructure Needs Assessments.

Capacity Building

Combining stakeholder engagement with practitioner based insight to help local cities address emerging trends in data, digital infrastructure, regionalism, information communication technology (ICT) and state owned enterprise management (SOE).

Lecture Room

Revenue Mobilization

Leveraging sophisticated fiscal impact modeling tools to enable cities to successfully create financial incentive policies, compliance systems and effective programs that encourage capital investment, business growth, and job creation opportunities.

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