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The AJC Solution

Private Sector Engagement

Regulatory Oversight: Welcome

Business Enabling Environment

Government regulations don’t have to be burdensome.  Well thought out government regulations can satisfy the regulatory mandate while also creating opportunity for private sector investment.  Customer focused regulations will increase compliance, reduce non-compliance cost and foster a healthy relationship between government and private sector investors.

AJC Solutions has designed an approach that identifies the regulations that impact the strategic goals of an organization.  Applying the voice of the customer and “nudge” strategies, we can identify modifications that can be universally beneficial.  The alignment of regulations with organizational goals will result in a Regulatory Relief Program that helps both government and the private sector achieve their desired results in less time and with less cost.

Permit Process Improvement

The Permitting Process is often seen to be rigid and out of touch with the expectations of the private sector.  Permitting applications are often a collection of historical modifications.  In addition, permits typically only consider the goals of the government and not the private sector.  This means that permits must be routinely evaluated and improved to ensure relevancy and legitimacy.  

AJC Solutions has designed an approach that incorporates private sector feedback in the permit review process.  This perspective is then balanced with the regulatory requirements to create a permit process that is efficient, effective and equitable.

Regulatory Oversight: FAQ
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