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Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion: Welcome

Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

Communities need to be proactive in order to attract Foreign Direct Investment to their local economy.  Investors from throughout the globe have options for their investments.  If a community wants to become an candidate for that investment, they must have a mastery of all their competitive advantages and a well articulated call to action for specific industries and supply chains within their economy.

AJC Solutions provides local, regional and national governments with a sophisticated analysis to determine their competitive advantage.  Through industry best practices like SWAT, AJC identifies those industries that are most competitive, fastest growing, most integrated within the economy and have the highest potential for innovation.  These industries become an essential part of the attraction strategy for both financial capital and human capital.  This FDI Investment Promotion Strategy will have a detailed marketing strategy that is implemented in those areas with the greatest potential for investment opportunities.

Subnational Government Relations

Relationships between local governments is essential for many reasons.  From harmonizing industry regulations, building capacity for public services, sharing ideas on best practices to establishing physical and administrative infrastructure that encourages regionalism, government relationships are essential to a thriving regional economy.

AJC Solutions provides the framework for establishing and growing government relations within strategic geographic regions.  The framework requires the identification of the most critical needs facing the region.  Whether its key roadway infrastructure or merely establishing a cooperative relationship, AJC utilizes sound communication, collaborative engagements to establish a broad regional strategy framework.  This framework will empower local governments to make internal changes that are aligned with regional goals.  With short and long term targets, regionalism will grow as both the public and private sectors become more integrated and interdependent.

Tourism Attraction

Tourism is a significant industry for regional economies.  Unfortunately, most communities fail to capture, communicate and market the benefits to potential tourists.  The economic multiplier effect is tremendous and adds value across a wide ranging set of industries and occupations.  Each community has something unique that is attractive to potential tourists.  Finding out the niche, designing a marketing campaign and targeting the specific type of tourist group is essential to effectively growing the tourism industry.

AJC Solutions works closely with local stakeholders to first identify the visitor proposition.  The visitor proposition will become the foundation of the Tourism Strategy and must be unique to that regional economy.  The next step is to identify the targeted tourism market for that visitor proposition.   Each tourism market has their various channels of communication and previous spending patterns.  Understanding this is critical to establishing a well articulated marketing campaign that clearly defines the visitor proposition to the tourism target.  Aligning the industry leaders is essential for them to become ambassadors and champions for the overall tourism strategy.

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