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Revenue Mobilization

Financial Incentives: Welcome

Incentive Portfolio Management

Managing financial incentives programs requires a complex set of project management skills.  Each incentive program is different and each project is different.  However, the project management of financial incentive projects should be substantially similar in order to ensure success. 

AJC Solutions can manage the pipeline of incentivized projects by creating systems that govern communication, project intake, deal structuring, legislative approvals, contract compliance and project implementation.

Incentive Negotiations

Negotiating Financial Incentives is both an art and a science.  It is critically important for governments to know their best alternative to a negotiated agreement.  Understanding this will provide the confidence and creativity required to achieve their desired results of job creation and economic growth.  Providing too much public subsidy can quickly derail any good will created by a project.  This can be avoided by understanding the market value of public subsidies for specific types of projects.  Showing a market based analysis of comparable incentive offerings can provide justification for targeted amount of financial incentives.


 AJC Solutions provides consulting services to local governments to assist them with negotiating incentives and securing job creation opportunities.  The comparative analysis and negotiation approach gives local governments a competitive advantage in offering public subsidies for projects.

Fiscal Impact Modeling

Just like a business, governments need to provide a reasonable return on investment analysis for each public subsidy.  Although targeted return on investments can vary by government and by project, it is critically important to have a clearly articulated and statistically valid analysis to support providing public financial incentives.

AJC Solutions can create a customized Fiscal Impact Model that will identify and project all relevant public sector revenue streams.  This model can be easily modified with various development scenarios in order to provide real time projections for each government entity.  It is easier for governments to make incentive decisions when they have reliable financial figures that can be presented to their constituencies.

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