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Economic Development Strategy: About
Economic Development Strategy: Text

Local Economic Development Strategy

Position: Planning & Development Department Director

Funding Organization: City of Gahanna


Direct Report: Tom Kneeland, Mayor of the City of Gahanna

Project Duration: 12 Months

Project Location: City of Gahanna, Ohio

Project Summary: The purpose of the Economic Development Strategy (EDS) was to identify the City of Gahanna’s economic potential to attract and retain high quality jobs and private sector development. The strategy outlines actionable goals and tactics that help to strengthen the economic vitality of the city and is intended to serve as a guide for policy makers, community stakeholders, local businesses and future investors.

Project Deliverable:

Anthony has led the implementation team for the Gahanna EDS and has helped to achieve significant results to increase the economic competitiveness of the City of Gahanna.  A brief summary of the results is highlighted below:


  • Secured $1 million in implementation funding over three years

  • Completion of 45 projects that resulted in job creation and capital investment

  • Creation and Retention of over 2,700 jobs within the City of Gahanna

  • Attraction of over $135 million in capital investment

  • Establishment of several new Business Assistance Programs

  • Completion of 282 business surveys

  • Construction of 668,404 square feet of commercial facility space

  • Adoption of a new City Branding Campaign to market community assets

  • Implementation of a Workforce Strategy that connects businesses and local school district

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