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Land Use Planning

Economic Development Strategy: Text

Position: Planning & Development Department Director

Funding Organization: City of Gahanna


Direct Report: Tom Kneeland, Mayor of the City of Gahanna

Project Duration: 12 Months

Project Location: City of Gahanna, Ohio

Project Summary: The purpose of the Gahanna Comprehensive Land Use Plan to build upon the City’s previous planning documents to design a guide for future development by evaluating existing conditions, public input, and local and regional trends. The Plan identified ways to strengthen local assets while creating a vision and strategy for underutilized areas.  It is intended to guide the City in the development of public projects that will enhance the public realm and complement future growth. 

Project Deliverable:

The Gahanna Comprehensive Land Use Plan combines a detailed analysis of the existing geographical, environmental and real estate conditions with a statistically significant public sentiment survey to recommend land use strategies.  A brief summary is shown below:

  • Evaluated the zoning classification of 12,930 individual parcels of real estate.

  • Recommends consolidating 28 zoning classifications to 11, which is a 60% reduction in regulatory requirements for zoning districts.

  • Held 12 Public Meetings to gather direct feedback and input from citizens.

  • Conducted a telephonic survey for 300 residents to gather citizen sentiment.

  • Determined publicly acceptable building height, lot coverage, setbacks, parking, intensity and land uses for all parcels within the City.

  • Created Character Guidelines for Site Design, Parking, Landscaping, Mobility, Open Space, Architecture, Signage and the Downtown District.

  • Identified Projects, Programs and Public Policies that should be pursued to support the implementation of the Plan.

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