Local Government Strategy in South East Europe

Position: Research Associate

Organization: Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS)

Direct Report: Kelmend Zajazi, Executive Director of NALAS

Project Duration: 5 Weeks

Project Location: Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia and Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Project Summary: The Project required assisting with surveying Local Economic Development strategies for 12 countries within South East Europe; preparing strategies to advance Local Government Digitization and analyzing regulatory decentralization policies.

Project Results:

  • Drafted a survey for local governments within South East Europe to identify their legal framework, organizational structure, strategies, programs and performance metrics for local economic development.


  • Created multiple local economic development indicators that can be used to evaluate the level of regulatory decentralization of local governments within South East Europe.


  • Developed a public policy strategy to help local governments improve in Digital Infrastructure Development, 5G Deployment, Digital Skills Development and Acceleration of Digitization.

  • Assisted in the review of a project plan for a GIZ-funded program to improve the Social Rights for Vulnerable Groups. The program goal was to develop an approach to identify, scale up and establish learning clusters for programs that support vulnerable people groups and create training strategies for public stakeholders to better support those groups.


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