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Municipal Zoning Code Modifications: Service
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Strategies to Improve Business Enabling Environment

Construction Permit Approval Process

Anthony led a process to reduce the time for approving construction permits.  This project entailed engaging with private sector stakeholders from the construction industry, extensive permit data analysis, and comprehensive administrative procedural reviews.  The end result was a 30% reduction in the permit approval timeframe, which enables more efficient capital investment.

Zoning Regulation Reforms

Anthony led multiple projects to reform zoning regulations in order to better address real estate market trends and improve the efficiency of securing approval.  Each project combined collaboration with the private sector with real estate trends and community sentiment on land use and architectural design.  The end result was 139 zoning regulations were modified to effectively address current land use trends and integrate market demand with community sentiment.

ICT Infrastructure Policy

Anthony led a 12 month project to create a comprehensive regulatory framework that governs the installation, maintenance, placement, and appearance of cellular technology assets in the public right of way.  This regulatory framework incorporated private sector investment sentiment into a community supported plan that encourages a systematic investment in 5G infrastructure in order to ensure each resident and business has increased access, connectivity, and broadband capacity.

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