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Private Sector Engagement Program: About
Private Sector Engagement Program: Text

Private Sector Engagement

Position: Planning & Development Department Director

Funding Organization: City of Gahanna


Direct Report: Tom Kneeland, Mayor of the City of Gahanna

Project Duration: 4 Years

Project Location: City of Gahanna, Ohio

Project Summary: This 4-year project was established to create and implement a program that proactively engages SMEs, encourages investment opportunities, surveys businesses, assists with regulatory approvals, facilitates industry connections, establishes partnerships with local school districts and provides business development services. 

Project Deliverable:

Anthony has led the implementation team for this project and has helped to achieve significant results to increase private sector engagement and the economic competitiveness of the City of Gahanna.  A brief summary of the results is highlighted below:


  • 282 SMEs were visited over a three year period.

  • 14 SMEs committed to investing over $62 million in their business operations.

  • 1,822 jobs were retained and created from the 282 SMEs visited.

  • 2 SMEs signed up for an Export Assistance Program to expand their markets.

  • 2 SMEs have established a partnership with the Local School District to encourage youth to pursue employment within the electrical trades industry.

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