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Smart Street Policy: About

Smart Region Infrastructure Policy

Position: Smart Region Task Force Member

Funding Organization: Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Project Summary:

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is an association of over 60 central Ohio governments which envisions, embraces, and advocates for innovative policies for transportation, energy, sustainability, regionalism, planning, digital infrastructure, and economic prosperity.  Its goals is to be a resource, collaborator, and regional platform to create public policies that create equitable and sustainable growth for the regional economy.

The MORPC Smart Region Task Force comprised representatives from local government, universities, businesses, transportation entities, utility companies, and non-profit organizations.  Its goal was to leverage numerous disparate smart mobility efforts and make a regional strategy that embraces technological advancements in the transformation and disruption of local governments.

Project Deliverable:

Smart Street Policy that incorporates advanced technology into the planning, programming, scoping, design, implementation, maintenance, and performance monitoring of all transportation infrastructure projects funded by MORPC.  

Smart Street Policy: Text
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